This is a club for adults of all ages over 16, for novice and intermediate levels.

> Venue: W1 Great Portland Street.
> www.bladesclub.com


This is a club for adults of all ages over 16. This is for two categories of fencers.
1) The advanced fencer who wants to fence for fun or to compete.
2) The developing fencer, who wants to train and develop. There is a training programme with a syllabus for every level from beginner to the very advanced.

> Venue: W1 Great Portland Street
> www.bladesclub.com


This is for teenage fencers of different levels who either want to fence for fun or want to train to be the best. There are different sessions to cater for both.

> Venue: W1 (various venues)
> Age: 13-19
> www.cadetsclub.co.uk


This is the club for children aged 6-12. Children with experience can book a four week assessment course. They will then be allocated to the right session for their age and level of experience.

> Venue: W1 Seymour Place
> www.musketeersclub.co.uk


If you are an existing foil fencer looking for a club in London, you can choose the right club for your age and level of experience from this section.

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